Key in hand

Integral construction service, are many of our customers who professionalism our integral key construction service in hand

Thinking of its comudidade, we offer a full construction service (key in hand), in which you can hire our Engineering and construction services for the realization of your investment.

This service allows you to develop your project in a simple, clear way, monetizing the time and waring the deadlines, all, with a single interlocutor and responsible.

This service allows you to project, plan, execute and directly control all phases of the constructive process, in which you will have in PLICCO a sole responsible of the construction, working in the whole process in order to optimize all the points, taking care of all The arrangements and transmitting to you rigorously and punctually all the information for your decision.

This service, is of all the most attractive, because we have to be able to give body to the ideas of the client, prove our knowledge, establish with commitment a partnership with our client, which goes from the architectural conception to the delivery of the keys.

It is without a doubt a challenge that few have the capacity to answer, and this service in our company is guaranteed by many of our clients who have relied on our ability to develop solutions that have left them fulfilled and in the deadlines we had Awake.

Learn more, contact us. Enjoy the advantages of working with a real expert.

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