Quality policy

Construcción edificios industriales

Production facilities (Borgstena-textile industry)

Work well done, our guarantee of future.

ICONSA recognizes as a mainstay to have a customer oriented organization, formed by a team of technically qualified professionals.

The organization of ICONSA establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

1.- The contractual requirements are the only criterion to establish the quality standard of our products and services, and these contractual requirements must be translated in an objective way with plans and specifications that will be made available to the suppliers and those responsible for the execution of the works in a COMPLETE AND TIMELY way.

2.- The final quality of the product delivered to the customer is the result of PLANNED AND SYSTEMATIC ACTIONS throughout the building process, based on:

  • Formation of a team of qualified technicians for each project
  • A qualified technician as supervisor of execution and quality “on site
  • Integral management of negotiations before the administration
  • Use of the best brands for the materials
  • Technical controls performed by approved external laboratories

Continuously improving our quality system in all areas of our organization is the responsibility of the entire Group ICONSA team.


Lab. Larrasa, egg producers (Porto Alegre, Brasil)

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