Industrial construction

modelo llaves mano

Magron (Railway undertaking)

Numerous are the customers who support our “Turnkey” Integral Construction Service.

Thinking about your comfort, at ICONSA we offer you a contract through which you can contract our engineering and construction services, to develop your project with agility and efficiency.

And with only one responsible interlocutor.



Construcción de naves

Group IMS (Warehouse of special steels)

This system allows designing, planning, executing and controlling the whole constructive process.

Thus we can optimize all phases of the project, from your initial idea to the delivery of the keys.

ICONSA guarantees the deadlines, cost and execution qualities, so that you can make the best decision before you start.

Take advantage of working with a real specialist.

Cartonagem Trinidade - Portugal (artes gráficas)

Cartonagem Trinidade (Graphic arts industry)





ICONSA summarizes its philosophy of work in four points:

  1. Experience and talent, at the service of the team work directed to the client.
  2. Constant training and innovation as a guarantee of future.
  3. Responsibility and commitment of all contributors for a common goal.
  4. Austerity and efficiency in the management, guaranteeing the optimization of all the resources.


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